Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW 18.5L Camera and Laptop Backpack, Black


Get back to travelling
The Trekker Lite collection is the top choice for travel photography adventures. Trekker Lite is designed to combine two passions: A love for travelling and a love for photography. The collection includes backpack, 150, a brand-new sling style bag, and a hip pack.

We’ve designed them from the beginning to be the perfect travel photography bag. From the soft structure, to the modular inserts, the bags offer a variety of configurations to suit your travel adventures!

Sustainability is our top priority
Trekker Lite meets our environmental efforts with up to 81% Green Line fabrics used. This has been achieved with recycled and solution dyed fabrics, which saves water and reduces GHG emissions. (Measured following the GRI 301-2 standard, as the percentage of the recycled yarn used, to the total yarn used by weight.)

The soft construction of the bags allows for nest shipping, saving up to 40% volume. All these efforts reaffirm our commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts, whilst still making great camera bags!


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