Slinger Alpine 160 Multi-Device Shoulder Bag


The Slinger Alpine 160 Multi-Device Shoulder Bag is a ‘just-right’, ready-for-action with instant access to camera and video gear. Compact in design yet rich with space to fit a DSLR of MSLR with a spare lens and flash or house a moderate video camcorder with accessory light. Lightweight and perfectly balanced, this bag combines all the elements of a backpack providing secure and easy access to gear. All the while, keeping organized with flexible, 3 cushioned Velcro dividers to customize the plush interior partitions that protect equipment. Fashioned with staunch fabrics and water-resistant materials, oversized nylon closures, the Alpine series is tailor-made to hold everything a traveling photographer might dream up: a mirrorless camera and lens, a video camera, a snappy superzoom travel camera, plus essential belongings. The top lid zippered mesh windowed compartment house delicates like SD cards and filters. Slinger has got you covered – a great camera bag if you’re looking for something less bulky for those more casual photo excursions – and adorned in the Slinger black and tangerine theme.


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