Moment Rugged 6L Camera Sling, Black


The rugged, comfortable camera sling for your most active days.

Bomber materials and durable padding protects your gear on the outside. Lots of pockets and customizable dividers keep you organized on the inside. The Stability Strap keeps your sling tight when moving, shooting, and even hiking. While its rectangular shape maximizes the gear you can fit. Multi direction for right and left handed shooters, this is the camera sling you trust to stay tough and comfortable no matter the conditions.

Which Size Should You Get?
The 6L is ideal for mirrorless and mobile carry.The dividers are removable so you can change your configuration.

The Strap
Featuring a quick release buckle, the Rugged Camera Sling’s padded main strap can be adjusted to either side for maximum comfort and for both right and left handed shooters. There’s even a cross body Stability Strap so the bag doesn’t slide around when on the move or bending down.

• Quick-release, padded main strap for right and left handed shooters (adjustable to either side)
• Cross-body Stability Strap so bag doesn’t slide around when on the move and bending down
• Don’t need it? The Stability Strap is fully removable


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