Domke F-3X Super Compact Camera Bag, Canvas, RuggedWear


F-3X RuggedWear Super Compact Bag
Like your favorite pair of jeans, Domke bags get better with age and with the new Domke RuggedWear collection you don’t have to wait. The fabric produces a unique distressed and weathered look right from the start.

The RuggedWear classic bags feature high-quality, weather-tough, durable cotton canvas that is treated with special non-solvent, environmentally friendly waxes to afford the fabric a lifelong resistance to inclement weather.

The special formula allows the fabric to breathe while the waxes produce a unique, timeless, weathered, distressed patina finish. By using the included refinishing wax, bags can be restored to its original finish quickly and easily.

Resized to fit today’s digital SLR’s, but still deceptively compact, the Domke F-3X is the bag to grab when the assignment doesn’t call for dozens of pieces of equipment. No space wasted, because the inside and outside dimensions are nearly identical. The result is a very inconspicuous camera bag that carries a surprising amount of gear.


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